Arham eSwadhayay

Arham iBook एक interactive बुक है, यानी आप अपने किताब को ना सिर्फ पढ़ें बल्कि 

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Arham eSwadhayay application – Download

Understand how you should read the book:

While reading if you come across the QRCodes, do scan then in the app

switch to listening and watching from reading. This would start the Muni Shri’s pravachan in the app from this point directly on the app

– to practise the pranayam, exercise or yoga given in the book. It would open the video to give you crisp details and demonstration

to try activities described in the book like finding your Ayurveda Prakriti using an online questionnaire.


iBook is designed in a way that it helps you quickly grape the concepts.

It summarizes, provides notes, knowledge bytes using various boxes and visualizations without changing the actual flow of the pravachan.